Monday, April 14, 2014

Masterpiece or Moustache?

This whole mom thing is a real art, isn't it? And the working mom thing, well, that's art at a level I may never be ready for! But I'm doing it anyway. Some days I create a masterpiece, and others I find myself painting a moustache on the Mona Lisa.

My blog has been a big victim of my going back to work. I spend all day on the computer and don't really want to log on again most evenings. And as no fairies do laundry and clean house and grocery shop, I have to spend time doing that.

But, there are so many stories to tell and moments to capture. I'd like to get back to the habit of blogging, even if every post isn't a masterpiece.

We've got last Halloween and Christmas to cover. We went to Great Wolf Lodge for Thanksgiving and had a blast. Amelia started horse riding lessons, and now we're getting ready for her First Communion. Isaac is about to be the first boy to lose a tooth in this house. (Though I can't believe no one has lost a tooth prematurely to brotherly love!)

More to come soon...I hope. 

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