Monday, September 17, 2012

There Was Blood

Three kids down, one to go. I had to take Amelia to the emergency room last evening.

Jeff and I went out for a date afternoon, and as we were pulling into the neighborhood the babysitter called. Amelia had smacked her forehead on a chair, and like any head wound, it was bleeding pretty good. The blood wasn't the problem. The sitter had that emergency well in hand. But the three boys freaking out over all the blood was a little frazzling -- even when there were three of us there!

I asked Amelia what happened, and she said, "I wasn't looking where I was going and I just ran into the chair."

And hit it just wrong, apparently. Ouch! There was a trail of blood through the kitchen, across the playroom and down the hall to the bathroom. Seriously, head wounds are the worst when it comes to that!

I took one look at the cut and knew we were headed for stitches. That perfect little oval gap was not going to close nicely on its own!

Once the bleeding stopped, I loaded Amelia up in the van and headed for the ER.

On the way there we had this conversation:

Amelia: Mom, you'd better call my school.

Me: Oh, honey, I think you'll be fine to go to school tomorrow.

Amelia: No, you need to call them about the blood drive, because I might need some blood.

Me: Sweetheart, I promise you that you didn't bleed enough to need more blood. And if you did, I would give you some of my blood.

Amelia: I don't want your blood! It would make me sicker!

Apparently she was listening when I told her I couldn't give blood at the school blood drive because they won't take my blood thanks to the year plus I lived in England and the risk of mad cow disease.

In the end she got three "string band-aids" and no transfusion. Amelia walked out of the ER with a My Little Pony Hot Air Balloon set, which she said was totally worth the boo-boo.  
Since it cost us $200 just to walk through the doors of the ER, that's now the most expensive toy in the house.  
© Trippin' Mama 2012

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Holy Cow!

Whew! Almost a month since I lasted posted! I can hardly believe that. (I must confess, it's been nice to give myself a bit of a break, but I miss connecting with all of you, too.)

Nothing big has happened here, unless you count Isaac, Alex and Amelia learning how to go across the monkey bars by themselves. I know my back is grateful!

But there have been lots of little things happening every day, and as the saying goes: "The little things are the big things."

We rounded out our summer of fun with a couple of trips to the ever-popular State Fair. The kids absolutely love it there! We love that there are lots of free activities, as long as we stay far away from the rides.

It was a little tricky to feed Sam there. Thank heavens for steak sandwiches and cotton candy!

Speaking of Sam, last week he ate a piece of wheat bread with peanut butter on it, breaking many, many eating rules -- no wheat, no dairy, no peanut butter. Yikes! We gave him Benadryl as a precaution for the next couple of nights to ease any itchy outbreaks, but he was actually fine. He did say he itched, but his skin didn't break out like it has in the past. Maybe, just maybe, we're getting somewhere on eliminating some of his food sensitivities? I certainly hope so.

Amelia is one month into first grade now, and loving it. The other day as we were waiting for the school bus we had this conversation.

Amelia: Mom, I have to work out my arm muscles.

Me: Why?

A: Because there's this tough boy on the bus named Rowan.

Me: Is he picking on you? (I was very concerned!)

A: No, he's teaching me to arm wrestle! Me: (Mentally I'm saying, "OK, that's not what I was expecting!")

A: And I want to win! So I have to work out my arm muscles!

Me: OK, let's do it!

She popped bubbles with her strong arms for the next five minutes. I'm not sure it did her any good, but she sure made it look like a major workout!

Isaac has turned into a fish. He's been swimming underwater in the bathtub and even opening his eyes underwater. Some days he has more than one bath just so her can "practice, Mom!" I have to get all of them in swimming lessons to take advantage of this love of the water!

Alex had a great time in t-ball. We did a little parent-child class with the boys, and Amelia was the coach's helper. (God love the coach for happily asking Amelia to fill that role!) But Alex was the most interested in learning to throw and follow the rules of the game. And man, can he hit! You'd better stand back and have your eyes open when that kid steps up to the plate.

The biggest change is that we dropped the nap as of last weekend. It was time. There were far too many 9:30 and 10 p.m. nights when the boys were still awake, even with a shortened nap. We're still a bit borderline on giving it up. Some days I insist they rest, knowing someone will get a short nap, which is desperately needed. I suppose it's time, since they will be four -- FOUR -- in a month. That is seriously unbelievable to me!

Outside of that, work is crazy and the house generally teeters between near disaster and complete disaster. But we eat together most nights, read lots of books, and always have time for bedtime prayers and snuggles, so I guess we're getting by.

I'm using this long weekend to do an unholy amount of laundry and housework, and hoping that will get us through until November. I've been trying to pull some homeschool lessons together and do some cooking, too.

But we haven't forgotten to have a little fun! We went to the childrens' museum today, and tomorrow or Monday I think we'll go bowling. Today I tried to answer my kids' calls to do something all day -- stopping to make forts, read books and more books, paint, and get in some tickles, too. It made the laundry take twice as long (and I'm still not done), but I know they need me even more than they need clean clothes to wear. That's probably especially true since two of the boys spent all afternoon in only their underwear!

We did have a potluck with friends recently, and I used the bounty from my garden to make a delicious cucumber and tomato salad. I'll try to post the recipe soon. It was so good, especially the heirloom tomatoes. I would love to plant all heirlooms next year, but they don't produce as many tomatoes, and I need six pounds to make a batch of cream of tomato soup, so I need some plants that are a bit prolific.  Maybe next year we'll get the chance to add another raised bed or two so I'll have more space. I think I have  a few neighbors who would love that, as they get all my extras!

Next weekend is the annual mom and sisters' get together, and I'm hosting this year. (Yeah, because I needed one more thing to do!) It will be a blast though, as always, and I've got a few surprises in store for the ladies! More later!

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