Friday, October 18, 2013

Five, Five, Five!

On October 8 the boys turned five. FIVE! I can't even believe it. Five years old feels like a major accomplishment to me. We survived!

Sam, Alex and Isaac celebrate being five.
Oh, I know there's lots more craziness ahead, but we've survived midnight feedings, mountains of diapers, walking, terrible twos, the move to big kid beds, and potty training. We've made it to the point where everyone can dress themselves, feed themselves, tell us what they think and what they need, buckle their own seat belts, ride bikes without training wheels, brush their own teeth, and occasionally wipe without assistance.  
The boys were so excited the morning of their birthday. Alex came out to the kitchen saying, "I feel stronger!" 
Isaac wandered out mumbling at first, then shouting, "I'm five. I'm five. I'M FIVE!" 
Then Alex and Isaac ran to wake up Sam. Sam came out and said, "I'm taller. I know I'm taller." 
We ripped into the presents and celebrated with a birthday dinner chosen by the birthday boys. The menu included mashed potatoes (Alex), rice (Isaac) and gnocchi (Sam). I added some veggies and chicken just to counter all the starch.  
We finished off with some Angry Birds cupcakes for the second time. On the Saturday before their birthday we took Angry Birds cupcakes to soccer to share with their friends. All in all, it was a great birthday--for all of us! 



Happy birthday, Sam, Isaac and Alex. We LOVE you! 
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