Friday, November 30, 2012

Look Who Dropped In

Our elf Gus just dropped in for the Christmas season.

OK, the picture is awful, but better than nothing, right? Yeah, let's just go with that. 

I can't wait for the kids to find him tomorrow morning!

Before I crafted Gus's parachute this evening, I hacked our elf. I added some 12-gauge floral wire to each arm and leg. Just snip a couple stitches, slip the wire in and don't forget to coil the ends in the hands and feet so they don't poke back out. Then stitch your elf back up and add a little Velcro to each hand. It will be much easier for him to hang, grab, sit, perch, bathe, swim, or pose any way you can dream up.

Unfortunately, it won't make it any easier for the parents to remember to move the elf every night!

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