Sunday, November 25, 2012

Run, Run As Fast As You Can...

As I'm catching up here, the next logical post is Halloween.

To be honest, I didn't get a single decent picture of the kids. And since I was working on a political campaign, we just took the kids to Target a couple weeks before Halloween and gave them all $20 to pick something out. No creativity, no homemade costumes, no family theme. Just a little overworked Mommy desperation.

The kids loved it.

We had two Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (Sam and Alex), a Spiderman (Isaac), and a fairy (Amelia) who nearly got frostbitten in the cold!

On Halloween the kids and I were in the van and they started talking excitedly about how it was almost Christmas. Really? We have to start talking about Christmas on Halloween? Are you being raised by a major retailer?

Sam started talking about how it was almost Christmas and then we'd get to make "gingerbread mans!" Pretty soon everyone was talking about how they would decorate with raisins and cinnamon drops.

Then Sam said, "And then you can put him in the oven and when he comes out I'm going to gobble him up!"

I said, "What if we open the oven and he leaps up and runs away like in the Gingerbread Man book?"

The van got completely quiet. Then Alex piped up, "Let's make them without feet!"

Genius. Pure genius.

Later Isaac suggested we could make them without eyes so they would run into the wall and couldn't get away.

So watch for a few batches of maimed, blind gingerbread men to come out of my kitchen this season. They may not make Martha Stewart's top ten list, but in this house those guys will be a real hit!
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No feet! That's great!!