Tuesday, December 11, 2012

I Found It!

Grandma Alice and Grandpa Ernie were here for a weekend earlier this month, but Grandma Alice caught cold and lost her voice so they left early.

A couple of days later my mom sent the kids an email:

Amelia, Alex, Isaac and Sam,   

I lost something when I was at your house. If you find my voice hiding there somewhere send it my way. Grandpa is getting tired of answering the phone. Maybe Gus can help.  

Love, Grandma Alice

I read the email to the kids over breakfast the next morning, and Isaac leaped up and ran down the hallway. He started yelling, "I found Grandma's voice!" He had the recordable book that Grandma Alice read for the kids last Christmas. More four-year-old genius! So we emailed Grandma Alice back:

Dear Grandma Alice,

Mom read us your note. Isaac found your voice in the book you recorded. We don't know how to get your voice out of the book and back to you, but we asked Gus to help so hopefully he will bring it to you on his way to the North Pole.


Amelia, Sam, Isaac and Alex
Grandma Alice does now have her voice back, so I guess Gus knew how to get it out of the book and back to her.

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