Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Four Month Check-up

Today a fellow triplet mama whose kids are school-aged helped me take my trio to the doctor. (Thanks Jackie!)

The boys are all doing great. Here are the stats:

Samuel: 13 lb. 3 oz.
Isaac: 11 lb. 12 oz.
Alexander: 14 lb. 1 oz.

Alex is the longest, by half an inch, but they are all pretty average length right now -- around 25 inches. Sam is the shortest, so far. Alex is in the 50th percentile for weight, which is great. Sam is in the 15th and Isaac is in the 5th percentile. What a difference a couple of pounds makes! We're just thrilled that all of the boys are on the growth charts, even without adjusting for them being three weeks premature.

The doctor pronounced them all healthy, growing boys. Even though we didn't expect to hear anything different, it's still great to hear!

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