Thursday, June 18, 2009

Guess Who Is On His Feet Now?

The title of this post should probably be, Guess Who Has Been on His Feet? I've been a little slow in getting this post done.

After a couple weeks of watching his brothers, Isaac skipped the step of pulling to his knees and went straight to his feet on June 7.

Isaac shows off his new move.

And, Isaac can officially shed the nickname, "Kickstand," now that he's sitting up by himself instead of always leaning on one hand.

Doing the "kickstand."

While his brothers were busy standing, Isaac was very busy cutting teeth. He has four now -- two on top and two on the bottom, while his brothers are well behind, and just now cutting a top tooth each.

Isaac shows off his chompers.

These boys just keep zooming right along! I predict they'll all be walking before the end of summer!



Angela said...

AHHHHHHH! Very exciting and VERY scary at the same time! When that day comes I'm sure to laugh and cry at the same time! Great Job, Isaac! And what cute choppers you have!

Kathryn said...

Oh my goodness! Look at those teeth! They're starting to look like little boys.

Suzy said...

Look at those teeth!! They'll be eating steak in no time. ;)

And congrats to Isaac for graduating from kickstand ... love it!