Saturday, June 20, 2009

Update on Alex

I realize that I haven't given an update on Alex recently. And I have GREAT news on that front.

Ever since Alex had physical therapy and craniosacral massage, he is back to his usual, happy self. He had a second session last Friday and has slept through the night with little or NO help every night since then. Alex back to eating most of a bottle without fussing or turning his head to swallow. He is now the easygoing, happy boy he used to be.

The therapist was pleased to see that Alex retained more than 90 percent of the work she did on him and suggested we do one more session. After that, we can just bring him in if he has any issues, whether they be developmental, digestive or sleep related.

We're still keeping Alex on his reflux medicines, because we think he does have some reflux issues. In a month or so, once we've had a chance to rest a bit, I think we'll reduce his medicine and see what happens. Because the cranoisacral therapy helps address digestive issues, I'm curious to see what will happen. Hopefully we'll be able to reduce the medicine, if not get rid of it entirely.

I cannot say enough about the craniosacral massage. I fed Alex a bottle during one of the therapy sessions and in minutes he went from slopping formula everywhere and sucking two or three times before pulling off to swallow to staying on the bottle and downing it easily without almost no mess. It was so amazing! During the last session, the therapist worked on his rib cage, which was "slightly deformed." Apparently the pregnancy was just as hard on Alex's ribs as it was on mine.

Interestingly, our therapist said that she did not believe in craniosacral massage. She pooh-poohed the technique when she was told it would help her. After a couple of years she decided to try it because nothing else was working, but first she did her homework. She learned that much of the research that has been done on the technique has been done by engineers, because the impact of craniosacral massage is structural to the body. She got such great results from craniosacral massage that after her first session she signed up to become certified in the technique. Quite an endorsement!

Craniosacral massage may not be the solution for everyone, but we are thrilled with the results. I feel so fortunate that we stumbled across this option so quickly, and I am so glad I didn't go ahead with a scope that likely wouldn't have shown anything anyway. Since we didn't change how we are treating his reflux, clearly the reflux was not the cause of his eating and sleeping problems.

Happy baby, happy mama, happy family!


Angela said...

That is sooo amazing! I hope this info helps other moms as well! Our K-bug was not able to go #2 for up to 5+days w/o a suppository and at 3mo. we took her in to our Chiropractor and he felt her lower spine and she immediately pulled up her legs, he used his tool and just hit that spot and ever since then she's been going every 2 days if not more! I'm such a believer that a lot can go in the womb, especially multiples fighting for space that they could all use a little check up to make sure they are in allignment. I don't know exactly how the craniosacral massage differs from this. I'll have to look it up. Sounds like a God send! Happy sleeping!

Suzy said...

I am still trying to talk Ted into this for the quads' reflux issues ... and after reading Angela's comment, it sounds like Isaac could use a chiropractor as well!

Jamie said...

Yay! That should make life/upcoming road trips easier:). When are you going to be in the cities?