Friday, June 12, 2009

Amelia and Tootsie

Last weekend Amelia and I went to visit our friends Rachel and Greg and their dog, Tootsie. Well, I went to visit with Rachel and Greg. Amelia just wanted to play with Tootsie!

Tootsie and Amelia

If you've been reading along for a while, you'll remember when we dogsat for Bella and Amelia had to read the puppy a bedtime story. That was almost a year ago, and Amelia still talks about Bella.

So, she was very excited to go see Tootsie. Amelia knew we were going to go after naptime, so she kept asking and asking if it was time for her nap yet. And as soon as she got up, she was ready to hit the road to see the puppy.

Judging from this video, I think both Amelia and Tootsie had a great time. And by all reports, Amelia wore poor Tootsie out completely!

"Run, Tootsie, run!"

Thanks, Rachel and Greg, for having us over and letting Amelia play with Tootsie. All the way home she talked about how Tootsie was going to come visit us at our house, and Bella, too. I'm sure we'll be hearing about Tootsie for a long, long time!

We're not ready to add a dog to this family just yet, but I'm sure the incessant asking will begin before too long. If we do get a dog, it had better be a herd dog. I need help keeping this gang in line!

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Rachel said...

Great photo and video of Amelia and Tootsie together! Hope they get to play again soon.

Rachel, Greg and Tootsie