Saturday, July 10, 2010

How About Three More, Mom?

The other day I took the boys to pick Amelia up at "summer camp" as we call it now that school is out. She'd had a great day and was telling me all about her field trip.

When we got to the van she greeted all the boys with a hug and a kiss. Then she looked at them and said, "Mom, I wish we had three girls."

I thought I understood.

"Instead of three boys?" I empathized.

"No," Amelia said.

My voice rose at least an octave. "In addition to the boys?" I said.

"Yes!" said Amelia enthusiatically.

"Oh, honey, I don't think Mommy will be having another set of triplets. Sorry."

"But Mom, I need a sister!" Amelia wailed.

"Well that's just one baby honey."

Amelia pouted. "No, I need three."

At that point I wisely gave up the conversation. And pondered just how much we've warped Amelia's view of the world.

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April said...

Oh! Bless her heart!!