Monday, July 12, 2010

Potty Training: The Quest Continues

"So, Christy, how's the potty training going?" you ask.

Oh, you didn't ask?

Well, I'm sure you're dying to know.

No? You're not?

Well you can stop reading here then, because today's post is all about ongoing trials of potty training triplets.

Still with me? What a faithful reader! OK, we'll see how long you stick around.

We've been potty training for six weeks now, and overall I'm pretty pleased with our success. Our diaper use is down a bit, enough that I get a whole extra day's worth out of the Diaper Champ before I have to change the bag. Although that screws me up. I've always had to empty the diapers on Tuesday, and now that it's Wednesday it messes with my head. I know, it doesn't take much.

There's been a bit of a learning curve, of course. I have successfully proven that if you are potty training multiples this young you do not need more than one potty chair, unless you have more than one adult or more than one set of hands. Otherwise all you get is bare-bottomed chaos.

We have also proven that no matter how gross your mother thinks it is when you put your hands or even your head in the toilet, it will not make you sick or kill you. (Note to self: Clean the toilet again today.) 

We have been shown more than once that a child who cannot go on the potty in the course of 20 minutes will pee everywhere if left unattended for more than 30 seconds outside the bathroom. And then he and his brothers will play in it.

We know that M&Ms are an unbelievably good motivator for Alex. I hope they work this well when he's a teenager! If I had just Alex to train, I think he could be fully in trained in just a couple of months. Alas, that is not to be, but he does pretty well and often uses the same diaper from 10 a.m. until bedtime, so yay!

We have learned that even after six weeks, getting to use the potty is fun (for everyone except Mom & Dad, anyway) and it's worth screaming for your turn.

Thankfully the screaming has died down a bit. Unfortunately, since some boys must be given inordinate amounts of time to do their thing, if they go at all, it's not unusual to get to the third boy and find he's given up on waiting. Sorry dude, that's part of life as a triplet I guess.

I really need to switch to training pants, at least for Alex, because I think he would train faster if he felt wet. But I know that will add to my laundry load, so forgive me for being a little reluctant to jump on that train.

Some days we're really vigilant about getting on the potty lots of times. Other days we just try a few times because we're busy playing outside or mama's tired or there are errands to run. What I'm saying is consistency has not factored really heavily into our efforts here. And I think that's just part of doing anything with multiples. You need to be flexible and give yourself a break.

What we're doing works for us. Alex keeps his diapers dry most of the day. Isaac and Sam are still hit and miss, but are asking to go more often now -- sometimes even before they are wet -- so everyone is getting it at their own pace. For me, it's just been another change in the schedule, and I'm used to it now, so we'll keep plugging away until the job is done.

When we've accomplished this task maybe I'll use the diaper funds to redecorate the bathroom. I'm already tired of looking at those same four walls!

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Anonymous said...


I have a Four Year Old, Harry and Two year Old Triplets, Emelia, Stella and Jack, we live in Australia and I have just read your blog, we are currently undertaking Potty Training and OMG the washing, it is Winter here and I was hoping to wait out for Spring (September) but you can't stop it, no sirreee. So I have bought Little House on the Prairie dresses for the girls, so they can run around without undies and get tangled up whilst taking boots and clothes off, we have only been going for a week, we still use them at sleep times and when travelling in the car (we live on a 25,000ac property) to town. I am hearing your pain and frustration, isn't one sooooo easy. I have related Potty Training to eating Solid Foods, the mess, the cleaning etc. But like you I can see a light at the end of the nappy bin, so goodluck and stick with it. Harry our eldest only started when I came home from Hospital and was completely Nappy free by three or a little over, goodluck, Kim

Pam said...

When my triplets were potty training, I put our travel potty in the backyard while we were playing. I had wipes and hand sanitizer with me. The kids had a tendency to wait too long to tell me that they had to go. It made it so much easier because I didn't have to bring everyone inside when one suddenly had to go.