Monday, April 11, 2011

Calling Miss Clairol

Every night after I put the kids in bed I breathe a sigh of relief and say a prayer of thanksgiving that we made it through another day.

Every day these smart, curious children do something that makes my hair turn a little grayer, if not stand straight on end.

Here are a few things from the last week that have me calling for Miss Clairol (and praying, a LOT):

1. Sam: "Please we see the fire again."

2. Isaac from the top of the swingset: "This isn't very high. I can jump."

3. Alex, handing me the toilet brush holder: "I drink water from that cup!"

4. Amelia: "I need a prince to kiss me."

5.The boys upon watching workers on scaffolding around a multi-story building: "We need helmets."
Me: "So you can build?"
Boys: "So we can climb!"

6. Jeff: "I'll be home late from work on Monday."

While I'm busy covering the gray, maybe I should take a cue from Sam and become a redhead!

© Trippin' Mama 2011

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Suzy said...

Oh, man ... I got a few more gray hairs just reading that list!!

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