Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Wordful Wednesday: Bedtime Stories with Multiples

When we first found out we were pregnant with our triplets, one of the first things I worried about what we would do at bedtime. (I know there were lots of better things to worry about, but I was hormonal, freaked out, and not thinking straight.)

Anyway, my concern centered around the bedtime routine. From the time Amelia was old enough to sit up and look at a book, we always sat in the rocking chair and read a few books before bed.

How in the world would we do that with three? Would we ever get a chance to enjoy bedtime stories when we had a whole troop on our hands?

The answer to that looks like this:

It took us a while to get to this solution. First we read while they were in their cribs, but showing the book around the room was awkward and no one got snuggles. Then we tried reading while they had their bedtime snack, but again, no snuggling. Then we sat on the floor of their room, which was far from comfortable.

Finally, we hit upon this. Piling on Mom and Dad's bed for bedtime stories works for us. There's plenty of room for everyone and it's comfortable for the big people. And since bedtime is the only time we really ever allow the boys in our room, it's a special time every night.

Like everything in thias crazy life with multiples (or even just life with multiple kids), it just takes a little creativity and flexibility to find a solution.

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Suzy said...

I like your solution! We don't do a bedtime story here, but sometimes I think I'd like to work it in. :)

Elizabeth said...

good idea! snuggling is the best part of bed time stories and I've been struggling trying to figure out how to fit that in. thanks for this post! :)