Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Conquering Triplethood, Little by Little

A couple weeks ago I documented the end of an era. We took down our big configure gate and brought the  the couch back into our family room after a two-and-a-half year absence.

Bye-bye Baby Cage, hello Family Room!

True, we still don't have end tables or lamps, but it's a big step in the right direction around here.

We took another big step last week. Tuesday we had terrible storms that kept me from posting and had Jeff and me setting up the pack and plays in the basement just in case. We have used those pack and plays, one in our room and one in Amelia's room so the boys could nap separately. That was critical to success around here, because it kept one boy from interrupting everyone's nap. And it let me go into the troublemaker's room to rock and soothe and coax him to sleep.

On Wednesday morning I decided not to set them back up. I told the boys that they were big boys now and they could all nap in the same room. We talked about being quiet and going to sleep, and they surprised me by doing great. In fact, they did way better than they do at bedtime when they tend to chat a lot. The rest of the week went so well I never even considered setting a pack and play back up. Tonight I folded them up and stored them.

That means that I can go into my room or Amelia's room during naptime to put away clothes, make beds, clean, gather up laundry...ahhh, normalcy!

Now I want to confess that I haven't done those things, because for twoish years I have trained myself to not venture to the bedroom end of the house unless someone is crying during naptime. But I CAN!

Sometimes the little things ARE the big things.

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