Monday, July 25, 2011

We Got Rhythm

One of the fun things we did on the Big Trek was stop for the night at my brother Paul's house. It was a full-scale invasion, but Uncle Paul, Aunt Stacie and their two kids were good sports about it.

And their house was Nirvana for the kids. They have a snake, a gecko and a tortoise. The kiddos thought it was a zoo.

Then the boys went into the garage and found this:

Sam, Alex and Isaac check out the motorcycle.

Isaac, especially, was in awe. Later he fell and got hurt and when I asked him if he needed a kiss or a Band-Aid to feel better he sniffed and said, "I want to sit on the motorcycle."

*sigh* What's a mama to do?

The icing on the cake was the drum set that my brother has already threatened to send to us. Sam told us it was "too loud" and went elsewhere to play, but Alex and Isaac loved it. Check them out!

Next stop, the fire station!

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