Monday, September 16, 2013

Mrs. Who?

Now that Amelia is in second grade, she's preparing for her first Communion. One of the things she has to learn is the Act of Contrition. So, I dutifully started teaching her from memory. Then I started to wonder if the church had updated it, perhaps getting rid of the "thees" and "thous."

Fortunately, Amelia has a great Sunday school teacher, Mrs. Ashburne, and she sent a copy of the prayer home.

 Shoot! They updated the whole thing! And while the meaning is the same, it's not even close to what I was teaching her.

Then Amelia told me that her teacher, "Mrs. Hashbrown," would help them practice in class, too. I could not stop laughing.

"It's Mrs. Ashburne, honey," I said.

Maybe we should have these important conversation AFTER we eat.

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