Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Amelia's Beauty Parlor

The other night as the boys were eating supper Amelia decided to play beauty parlor.

Amelia and her beauty parlor clients: Isaac, Alex and Sam

I, of course, grabbed the camera instead of discouraging her. A couple bows in their hair won't hurt them. And, the boys will undoubtedly want Amelia to do a few things she doesn't much like down the road.

It seemed to me that Sam, Isaac and Alex enjoyed the attention, even if they will hate these pictures some day!

Sam shows his curly locks.

Isaac strikes a pose.

Alex takes it all in stride.

Someday when Amelia's brothers make her do something she doesn't want to do, we'll pull out these pictures and tell her that turnabout it fair play!


Aunt Sheryl said...

Fingernail polish will be in the future. When Alexius put polish on, the boys all insisted they get some too.

Angela said...

I'm LOL over here! That is too funny! Great Job Amelia! I'll send over some extra tutus!

Abby said...

too funny. These will have to be on display at there weddings!

Suz said...

Awesome - keep the camera ready for when they're dressed up as princesses!