Thursday, December 17, 2009

Look, It's Santa Claus!

Since Santa's elves have their own to-do lists, we've been busy here trying to get our list accomplished before Christmas. On our list Tuesday was Amelia's preschool party.

The party was at a local play area full of bouncy houses, slides, mazes and more. Amelia had a blast! There was pizza, but she happily skipped the food in favor of more playtime.

We took the boys and they played for a little while in the baby area, but they weren't too sure what to think of it. Isaac, our fearless one, was the first to dive in. Alex was OK, and Sam wailed. Eventually Sam warmed up to the idea and was laughing as he bounced. But by then, Isaac was running out of steam and getting unhappy. They all probably enjoyed running around that big place more than being on the any of the rides, though the slide was a pretty big hit with everyone.

When we got to the party, Santa was already there. This is the first time the boys have seen Santa since they were just ten weeks old at Christmas last year and they had the chicken pox.

Reactions were...mixed.

Alex: It's good. This guy gave me food!

Isaac: Are you sure we should be doing this?

Sam: Get me outta here!

Amelia wouldn't get near Santa last year, barely conceding to let me hold her (away from Santa, mind you) for a picture. This year she wasn't any more excited about seeing the big guy.

Actually, Amelia talked a big game beforehand, but once Santa was there in person she got very shy and scared. She did stand next to me and tell Santa what she wanted, and she was very willing to sit on Daddy's lap for a family photo with Santa.

Christmas 2009

Not bad at all! Don't we look like a family that's been very good this year?

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