Thursday, December 15, 2011

The Christmas Countdown Begins

We're 10 days away from Christmas, so there will be no more goofing off around here. (I'm looking at you, Gus!)

There are presents to be wrapped, cookies to bake (cutouts with the kids -- it's a two person job), graham cracker gingerbread houses to be made (a fun activity with friends for this weekend), and a few Christmas presents to finish making. Yes, making. Because I am nothing if not a glutton for punishment. And cheap.

I still have to get my Christmas cards sent, despite the fact that I had them in hand before Thanksgiving. I told you I still wouldn't get them out early! It's just not who I am.

Amelia's kindergarten Christmas program was tonight, and the Little Gingerbread Boy was pretty amusing. One of Amelia's classmates was sick, so she filled in as a snowflake in the chorus. She looked a little overwhelmed during the play, but was beaming from ear to ear when it was over.

Off to do the work of a thousand elves...

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