Thursday, December 1, 2011

Daddy's In 'Pain and Mommy's Tired

It has been a long week. Apparently the moon was in a weird phase or something was rising in the house of Mercury or whatever yesterday because according to the griping on Facebook, everyone's kids had a challenging day. It certainly was true here.

I was so tired by the time everyone was in bed that I couldn't even open the wine, and it was a screw cap!

But tomorrow is Friday, and Friday not only brings a visit from Aunt Judy, but it marks the end of a week of doing this whole parenting gig as a solo act. 

As Alex keeps telling people, "Daddy's in 'pain."

Don't worry, no injuries here. Daddy's actually in SPAIN.

Jeff's been gone all week, and wow do we miss him! The first night Amelia cried at bedtime. The second night Sam cried that he "needed a grownup." When I pointed out that I was a grownup he replied with tears, "I need two grownups!" Oh, so sad!

Yesterday both Alex and Isaac struggled. "When's Daddy coming home?" "Why is he in 'pain?"

And me? I've struggled every day. Jeff is really in the trenches with me around here, helping with cleanup, baths, pajamas, teeth brushing, bedtime and everything that goes into running the house. That's VERY evident when he's not here and I have to face an hour of cleanup and chores after I get everyone to bed.

Hence, my exhaustion.

My hat is off to everyone who does this on their own day in and day out, and my appreciation of the sacrifices military families make has gone up tenfold in the last five days. We would all be a mess if Daddy wasn't coming home for months.

We are grateful Daddy will be home soon, and we're ALL counting down the hours until he gets here!

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