Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Fun in Photos

There's been a real dry spell around here lately, both weather-wise and blog-wise. But there's been no shortage of fun!

First, there was the trip to the amusement park. Bumper boats were a big hit!

Then we built a "kid wash" after getting the idea from Pinterest. The kids loved that, too, though we can't use it now that we're under a watering ban.

We all enjoyed camping and fishing, especially since we only put bobbers and weights on the boys' poles, conveniently forgetting the hooks. True, they couldn't catch anything, but the safety of others outweighed the need to actually fish. Besides, they never realized it anyway.

We were on to more camping, this time with the grandparents, in 104-degree heat. Thankfully the horrible temps only lasted a day, and we were able to beat the heat in the campground pool.

We got in a little golf, too. A purse is the perfect golfing accessory, you know!

We fed the giraffes at the zoo, too.

And our water bugs really loved the beach!

It's been a great summer so far, and it's not over yet!

So if you check in with us to find that we're not here, we're probably out there having more fun. Hope you're finding lots of opportunities to close your computer and get out there and have fun, too!
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