Saturday, July 28, 2012

The Funny Things They Say

We all learned a lot when we went camping.

For example, Alex was our chief navigator. (Seriously, the kid can give you directions to the places we go on a regular basis, and he is always asking what street we're on.) We got a map of the campground and Alex would check it out and tell us where to go.

He would say, "Recording to the map..." It made us laugh every time.

Then Isaac discovered his new favorite food.

"Mom, can I have more of those yummy tomato chips?" Sure, buddy. And that's so gosh darned cute that I won't even correct you and tell you they are potato chips.

And Sam still says his bedtime prayer as " goom God's love" instead of " whom God's love."

It will be a sad day when they quit making such adorable mistakes. So no correcting the kids!

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Aunt Mary said...

It's so cute-it's actually hard to decide @ what age you should correct them.... Luke still says Turch instead of church... I have been correcting him but @ 8 it's a little tough to make a change.