Monday, July 2, 2012

Too Busy Having Fun!

Hmmm, looks like I took a little summer vacation from the blog there! We've been so busy having summer fun that I haven't found time to post.

It's been horribly hot, and our inflatable pool has given up the ghost. I'm too cheap to buy another one, since we're almost past that stage anyway. So we built a "kid wash" (i.e. a big sprinkler made of PVC pipe) that the kids can ride their bikes right through. Thanks to Pinterest for that idea. I'll post pictures of the kids enjoying that soon.

The rest of last week was taken up with packing for camping. We're talking real camping here. TENT camping. It's a story of weather and fun. But then isn't every camping trip a story of weather?

Throw in a late evening of catching fireflies, and another camping trip coming up this weekend, and we're squeezing everything out of the summer that we can!

Watch for lots of pictures to come!
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