Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Ready, Set, Swing!

Last weekend we bought three baby swings, and we tried them out for the first time Monday evening. Just looking at the swing set full of baby swings made me laugh.

Reactions were mixed. Alex was a little frightened, Sam LOVED the swing, and Isaac was just chillin' out. Amelia got a kick out of swinging with her brothers, and tried to help reassure Alex that it was fun to play on the swings.

A full swing set: Amelia, Alex, Sam and Isaac.

Isaac chills out.

Sam loving his new ride!

Alex tries to like it.

Sam was kicking his legs and moving the swing and laughing. The more it moved, the more he giggled.

It's too late tonight to be upload the video, but I promise I'll put it up soon. It's sure to make you laugh right along with Sam.

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