Friday, July 10, 2009

Water Bugs

Today we took everyone to a little water park near the house. With Grandma D. and Aunt Allie on hand we had a one-to-one ratio, so that made things pretty easy.

I managed to keep the gear to a minimum (reducing the Sherpa duties!) and we headed our after the afternoon nap. Amelia quickly headed for the little water slide, and we put the boys in the zero entry baby pool to paddle around.

Isaac and Sam show off their board shorts.

Isaac knows no fear when it comes to the water and was all over the place! Poor little skinny-minny really needed a smaller pair of swim trunks though. We finally got tired of pulling them up and just let him play in his swim diaper.

Sam splashed away happily, though it seems like not long ago when he'd scream bloody murder from the second his feet touched the bath water until we got him out.

Alex is ready to hit the pool.

Alex started out the day pretty reluctant and clingy, but once we got him interested in a toy, he enjoyed the water, too.

Sorry I don't have pictures of us in the water today, but we had our hands too full to add a camera that had to be kept dry to the mix.

Amelia on her last swim outing at Grandma & Grandpa D.'s.

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aunt susie said...

I swear I just saw them a week ago and they already look too big!!!