Saturday, July 18, 2009

Finger Food Fun!

A couple days ago I gave the boys some cereal puffs. It was their first finger food, though they munched on some graham crackers at Grandma Alice's during vacation.

They were pretty adept at getting the food into their mouths, and they loved it! (Alex, of course, loved it the most.) I loved the 10 minutes of relative peace and quiet it brought me.

The only squawking I heard was when one brother ran out of puffs and started to "share" off the tray next to him.

Now they can do a little self-feeding while I get the rest of their lunch ready. That sure makes life a little easier.

Here's a short slideshow of some photos I took.

I have video, too, but it needs some serious editing, and as time is always at a premium around here, I'll probably never get it ready to post.

Who knows? The government might come through with my Diaper Czar and Laundry Czar and I might just surprise you.

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