Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Seeing Spots

You asked, so here are the pictures of Sam's chicken pox. And yes, those are pink mittens on his hands. His sister's baby mittens were all we could find to keep him from trying to scratch. I think they are cute, and besides, they match his calamine lotion.

While Sam looks pretty miserable, he must not feel too badly since he's been a pretty good baby the past few days.

Alex has started coming out in spots now too. Hopefully he won't be any worse than Sam, and will be like both his brothers and avoid the fever altogether. In a couple weeks we should be all done with this plague for good. Keep sending non-itchy thoughts our way!

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Sarah said...

Ok, so I know this is about his spots, and OH MY GOSH... I feel terrible for him! (well both of them)But would you look at that red hair!!!! That rocks!