Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Isaac The Daredevil

There is no shortage of hijinks in this house, but it seems that Isaac's still got the widest daredevil streak. He's forever climbing, turning somersaults, leaping off something, or pulling some other trick that either amuses or terrifies me.

Isaac is the only one of the boys to go to the emergency room, but ironically he earned his stitches when he tripped and fell while walking across the room. No great daredevil moves there!

Yesterday I had to call an end to the fort Amelia and I built in the basement. It was a classic kids' fort: a blanket thrown over four chairs. But Isaac kept climbing up on the chairs and bellyflopping into the middle of the blanket. The unsupported middle. Suspended over a concrete floor with a thin layer of flooring over it.

He found it amusing. I found it terrifying. Should I be worried that he did it more than once before I caught him and stopped it? Seriously, that had to hurt!

I figured I'd better catch a few of Isaac's tamer daredevil moves on video so I can show him later why Mommy's hair went gray at such a young age.

Check out his gymnastics moves with Daddy:

And then there's Isaac's own unique way of riding the pony in the basement. He's been pulling this kind of trick for months now. He used to do this on the riding toys in the driveway this summer, but they weren't as much fun because they didn't bounce!

I keep hoping to hear one of his brothers say, "Don't do that, Isaac." No luck so far.

Add another line in the budget for hair color, honey!

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Suzy said...

How eerie ... I was *just* wishing the other kids would say, "Don't do that, Isaac," to my Isaac, who insists on waking up at 5am and kicking the wall repeatedly!!!