Saturday, January 1, 2011

These Are a Few of My Favorite Things

To kick off the new year, I've been taking a look back through 2010. I can't believe how much the kids have grown! We've survived a year of sleeplessness, t-ball and potty training, just to name a few milestones.

If you want to take a trip down memory lane, here are some of my favorite posts and moments from 2010.

Grandma's test cookie turns out to be a good life strategy.
I started a club for parents whose kids don't sleep.
The boys demonstrate "See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil." Nothing a little therapy can't fix.

10 Things I Never Knew Until I Became Mom
"Dear Today: You suck." Really, it's self-explanatory.
A classic Amelia story about baptizing.
I shared a story from my past about the time Stumpy "lost another finger."

Another classic Amelia story: Snow White and the seven what?
The boys put on a dinner show with their bedtime bottles. Get ready for the giggles!

The boys show each other some brotherly love.
Amelia gets upset about being a singleton.
Read about the day Sam, Isaac and Alex ruined my reputation.
Sam went on a sleep strike.

Amelia asks a few too many questions about the chicken leg she's eating.
The night Mom ran out of answers.
How my triplets cured me of my procrastination habit...mostly.

The start of potty training was...messy.
Boogeroni and sneeze. This is a guest post by Jeff. It's funny and worth a read!
Before I was a mom...
If Martha Stewart did potty training.
Check out the video evidence of the night Dad lost control of the kiddos.

Goodbye kisses from Isaac.
Amelia's request for a sister, or three.
My rant about designer diapers.

We got brave and let the kids try out the fingerpaints.
The recipe post where I force you to view slides from our St. Louis vacation.
Sam's language skills do his mama proud. Or not.

Amelia puts another rude person in her place.
There was a little storm during our boat tour on the annual girls' weekend.
Who told the kids they could grow up?
Apple picking!
Alex shows off his Houdini skills at getting undressed.
We got rid of our "Exile Island" crib.
The boys brought lots of laughs by feeding each other.
The boys celebrated their birthday in an unusual fashion.
Definitive proof that Amelia is mine.

Halloween recap with photos of the homemade costumes!
An ode to vomit.
Then there was a spate of rodent posts: past and present.
Then I quit complaining about the rodents when the coyote hung out in my yard.
My bah humbug came early in this post.

Helmets are definitely required!
Amelia made Christmas special for me.
Being handed a poopy diaper during a business call: One of the challenges of working from home.
A new Christmas tradition for us.
Sam and Amelia perform on the new stage in the playroom.

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