Monday, January 3, 2011

One of the Best Birthday Presents

On December 30, I celebrated a birthday. The WBH helped Amelia make cupcakes, and the boys enthusiastically went along with the singing and blowing out of candles once they realized that stood between them and cake.

I have to say, this was one of the best birthday presents ever:

I love it when Sam demands cupcakes in the middle of the singing. I think he speaks for all the boys at the end: "Now we all ready to get cupcakes!"

What good is a birthday if you can't enjoy the cake, right?

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Suz said...

Loved it :). Hope you had a great day!

Suzy said...

Very cute. Glad your birthday included such a special moment. :)

robbie said...

Love it. Your boys and mine are kindred spirits. My guy always asks in the middle of communion (quite loudly, but the way, in the middle of the church) "Can we get donuts???" :-)

Aunt Mary said...

When you are having a rough day of kid chaos.... watch that video it will make you glad you didn't "eat" them! ;0)!!
Happy Birthday!