Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Inside, Outside, Upside Downstairs

Does this time of year wreak havoc with anyone else's life?

I love being outside, but what with the yard and garden and weeds and all there's twice as much work to do! Since I've got so many helpers, you'd think the work would go faster, but you'd be wrong.

And then there's the increasingly neglected state of the inside of my house. Spending days at the park and out playing in the yard just doesn't lend itself to taking care of things inside, like laundry.

It's been a cool, rainy spring here, so we go outside every chance we get. We never know when our next nice day might be.

The rain has been great for the grass seed I sowed, and the garden has finally taken off now that we've had some warmer days and nights. The peas are flowering, and I even spotted a few pods tonight. The lettuce is about ready for a first harvest. I replanted my green beans and cucumbers. It was just too cold for them to take off when I planted them the first time. I haven't planted my tomatoes and peppers yet. It's just not been warm enough.

Last year I had a lot of trouble with deer and rabbits. This year the greatest threat is the two-year-olds. We picked radishes a few weeks ago and suddenly every plant in the garden was fair game for picking. Yikes! It was tough to explain that they should only pick what Mommy says they can pick.

On the other hand, my boys are also keeping the deer and rabbits away from the garden very nicely. I just empty the liquid contents of the little potty seat out around the garden every couple of nights. That takes care of the wild animals, and it's free!

Tonight I should be cleaning instead of blogging, but a serious storm has all of us downstairs, so I get to take a breather and blog instead. All the kiddos were asleep when we had to move them, and mercifully they stayed asleep, too! I hope that trend continues the rest of the night.

The boys are doing a little better settling down in their big boy beds as the novelty wears off. But tonight they discovered that they can hide under the bed, so we spent some significant time fishing them out and telling them that was a no-no at bedtime.

We did have to install bed rails after getting up four times the first night to put kids back in bed. Amelia never fell out, so I wasn't prepared for that problem! Isaac managed to fall out even after we added a bed rail. He pushed it out a bit when he rolled up against it and he's so dang skinny he managed to slip through the little crack. Then he fell off the end of the bed later that night.

We've got company coming this weekend, swimming lessons and Bible school starting soon, and more things to do than I can shake a stick at. So forgive me if I start to neglect the blog a bit. We've got memories to make around here, and when I have time I'll share them with all of you.

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Liz said...

So glad to have found your blog. I found your blog on top mommy blogs. I am a mom of twins two year old boys.

Look forward to reading more.