Monday, May 16, 2011

Nearly Defeated by Shapewear

Saturday morning I went to Pilates for an hour. It seemed like a great idea at the time.

Then I chased my kids around the park, enjoyed a picnic and went for a hike with them and Jeff. In the middle of the hike I realized that should it be necessary for me to carry my children out of the woods we were going to be in BIG trouble. I had all I could do to propel myself forward, let alone carry one (or more!) of the kids.

After our hike I bought flowers to plant and heaved two 50-pound bags of new sand for the sandbox onto my cart and then into the van.

Um. Ouch. On top of ouch.

Saturday evening Jeff and I went out on a date. (Yay!) I decided to wear a shapewear tank. It takes care of the little bulges that Pilates hasn't conquered yet, and I wanted to look nice.

Oh, the price of vanity!

The tank is quite comfortable, but I paid the price when I tried to take it off.

I could barely lift my arms over my head, let alone stretch the tank enough to get it over my shoulders and head and off my body. This, unfortunately, became apparent when I had the tank about halfway off. In other words, about the time it was wrapped around my head and had neatly pinned my arms overhead.

To pull the tank up or down required that I stretch it with my arms. My arms that had suffered through a few too many similar stretch and pull motions in Pilates class early that morning.

Just about the time I thought I was going to have to cave and ask Jeff to extricate me from the results of my vanity, I managed to wiggle my way out. I may have possibly dislocated a shoulder in the process, but at least I didn't have to WAKE my husband and give him a story to tell for all eternity.

Who knew that working out and shapewear could be such a dangerous combination? Consider yourself warned. 

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