Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Big Boy Beds = Crazy Town

Amelia never got out of her bed. Not her crib, and certainly not her "big girl bed."

The boys, on the other hand, will get out and bang their bedroom door closed. They will shove the beds around the room in a modified version of bumper cars. They will push the beds together and then leap over the bed rails from one to the other. They will visit a nearby bed to poke a sleeping or nearly-sleeping brother in the face.

And the whole time they scream and giggle wildly like a pack of mad apes.

It's yet another way that Amelia did not prepare us to parent these hooligans.

I honestly believe that the boys are ready for big boy beds. I also believe that the majority of the problems we are having come from the issue of multiple kids. If we take the boys individually, we have one who is a master staller, one who is an escapee, and one who is pretty complacent about bedtime. The last one in particular, I am sure would go down with no problems were it not for the other two.

Even our staller and our escapee would be more easily dealt with were it not for the rest of the tribe. 

I used to look forward to bedtime. Now? Not so much. We're on Day 10 of the transition, and at times I think we're making progress. Then we have a night like tonight and I'm pretty convinced they will never learn to lay quietly in their beds and go to sleep.

Oh I know they will, some day. The question is: Will they learn before their mother gets carted off to the loony bin or after?

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Katie said...

Haven't checked in on you guys in awhile...my boys are a few months younger than yours, and we are in the same nightmare of sleep. CRACKED up at the duct tape on the pack n play!!! we finally got peapods for our boys (especially since we have a lot of travel this summer), and i am finally starting to feel like a regular person again and not like i want to cry at bed/naptime (although even they took some "fixing" for triplets in the same room!). our older son was a saint in bed too...and these yahoos...wow. always good to see others in the same craziness we're in. hang in there! :)