Thursday, October 13, 2011

Looking for the Great Pumpkin

As part of Sam, Isaac and Alex's birthday festivities, we took a train out to the pumpkin patch. There were free balloons, a petting zoo, face painting, a wagon ride, and of course -- pumpkins!

We tromped through the field searching for the perfect pumpkins. Since we were carrying them back on the train, we didn't want anything too big, so we helped each of the kids choose a small pumpkin for their very own.

Amelia picked four before she was satisfied, sort of. We just wouldn't let her change her mind any more after that!

Alex, Isaac and Sam searched a bit before settling on their selections.

And then it was picture time.

Apparently Sam's pumpkin was much heavier than I thought:

And Isaac's was a slippery little devil:

(He dropped it at least four times, on purpose mind you. And it amazingly survived!)

Finally, the money shot, sort of.

Yes, only one child is looking at me, but it's the best I got. Isaac's holding his pumpkin, we can see everyone's faces, and no one's screaming, crying or running away. I don't know what was so interesting off to my right, but Alex never looked at the camera once in 11 shots.

Good thing we've got time to practice the group shot before Halloween!

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Kaia said...

To the pumpkin patch in shorts?! You must have taken our summer so yours could last all year!

Christy AKA Trippin' Mama said...

Sorry, Kaia! It was 65 when we left the house at 9:30, but it hit 83 degrees that day. nd we soaked up every minute of it!