Monday, October 31, 2011

Boo to You!

Sorry for the hiatus! We had a Halloween party Friday and a busy weekend. I'd planned to give you an update last night, but apparently Blogger went to bed a bit early and I couldn't post.

I should have taken more photos of our family costume at the Halloween party, but here are a few. I scored cheap pirate costumes for all the kids, including a pirate dress for Amelia. I was the parrot, complete with rainbow-colored hair and a felt feathered tail. Jeff wore a treasure map on his t-shirt.

Of course, we were outside and it was chilly, so everyone had to wear a coat. But still cute.

It sounds like I could have total mutiny on my hands this evening as Amelia has since told me she's going to be a princess for Halloween, and the boys are talking about kitties, dogs, and I don't know what all. Should be interesting to see what happens. I predict tears and screaming, though hopefully not from me.

I'll have pictures of our trick-or-treat costumes (whatever they turn out to be), fun decorations and a couple of our Halloween craft projects to share tomorrow.

Hope the ghosts and goblins are good to you tonight!

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