Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The Three-Year-Old Version Of The Swirly

So I posted this story on Facebook the other day, but I have to capture it on the blog for posterity.

Yesterday I walked into the kitchen and found Alex standing there with a wet head. I said, "Buddy, what happened?"

Alex said, "Isaac was brushing my hair."

I didn't think much about it, since we usually use a detangling spray on Amelia's hair and the boys sometimes spray their own hair if we leave it lying around.

Then I walked into the bathroom and found Isaac holding the toilet brush which he was dipping in the toilet Alex had just peed in.

Then it dawned on me. Isaac BRUSHED Alex's hair.


I told my mom the story later and she wanted to know what I did when I found them. I told her I dried Alex's head, took the toilet brush away and put them down for their nap. She said, "Without washing his hair!?"

Yes, without washing his hair. Honestly, it never occurred to me to wash his hair BEFORE nap.

Because it's NAP TIME. And we don't mess with nap time in this house. Especially after an incident like that, because when one boy scrubs another's head with the toilet brush, it's mama who really needs nap time.

Besides, I can always wash the pillowcase.

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Greg + Laura + Our Little Dude said...

Oh my gosh that's funny! I've laughed and laughed! Thanks for sharing!

Aunt Mary said...

Ha ha ha! Love it..... when they get older it goes like this: "How the HE** did this hole get in the bathroom door?" answer: "I was mad cuz (name left our for anonymity) hit me and ran and locked himself in the bathroom= I was pounding on the door." OMG..... my friend who has 9 kids says girls are hard on your heart and boys are hard on your house. She wasn't joking!Good Luck!