Wednesday, October 19, 2011

My Kids Are Giving Me ADD

I swear that since the boys turned three, they've tripled their busy-ness. I field more questions, more requests for help and more demands to listen to them than ever before.

Honestly, it's like having an external case of ADD.

Yesterday at 7 a.m. it looked like this:

Sam: "Mom, I want toast."

Me: "What kind of toast?"

Sam: "Swimanon toast. But not in the toaster."

Isaac: "I want to go outside."

Me: "We'll go out later. Let's have bre--"

Sam: "Where's my truck?"

Alex: "Mom, I pooped!"

Me: While buttering toast, "Just a minute, don't come out! I'll be there in a sec--."

Isaac: "Why is it raining? Where's my toast?"

Me: As I head to the bathroom to help Alex, "What kind of toast do you w--"

Alex: "Now I get candy corn!"

Me: Isaac, what kind of to--

Isaac: "SWIMANON!"

Alex: "I want chocolate flakes! I want chocolate flakes! Where are we going today?"

Me: "Let's finish the potty and have breakfast first."

Amelia: "Can I have my milk?"

Me: "Good morning, Amelia. Do you want bre--"

Alex: "Where are my chocolate flakes?"

Sam: "Mom, do you know where my truck is?"

Me: "Just a minute, Alex. Sam, look in the toy basket. Amelia, what do you w--"

Alex: "Listen to me, Mom!"

Sam: "I'm done! Can I be 'scused? I have to go potty."

Me: "You're excused. Amelia, wh--"

Isaac: "Sam, I found your truck. Oh! My toast popped!"

Me: As I butter toast and pour chocolate flakes, "Amelia? Breakfast?"


Alex, "I got chocolate flakes!"

Sam: "Mom, help me with my pants! Can I jump on the couch?"

Isaac: "I need more milk, please."

Amelia: "I want breakfast."

Me: As I pull up pants and head to the fridge to refill the milk, "Sam, no you can't jump on the couch. What can I get you Amelia?"

Isaac: "I'm done!"

Me: "Go wash your face and hands."

Amelia: "Chocolate flakes."

Me: As I pour chocolate flakes (AKA Special K Chocolaty Delight) "Sam and Isaac bring me your plates and milk cups, please. Alex are you done?"

Alex: "I'm DONE!"

Me: "Then bring me your plate and go wash your hands. Here are your flakes Amelia."

Isaac: "Do you want your dump truck Alex? I found it for you, buddy."

Sam: "I need to find shoes. Where are my shoes? I want my dump truck!"

Amelia: "I want a dump truck, too."

Alex: "Oh, here's my shirt! Let's race our dump trucks!"

By this time it was 7:15 a.m. and I could no longer keep track of what I was doing or who asked for what.

By 7:30 a.m. I was no longer sure I'd have any sanity left within the hour. Surely this is why three-year olds still need naps.

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Jen said...

Sorry but I gotta tell you this just gets worse with age.

My triplets are 4 and I will tell you that I totally have ADD.

Victoria said...

wow!, i am lost/confused/overwhelemd just by reading :) and i am a classroom teacher so i am used t many little voices talking to me all at once :)

Suzy said...


Beth said...

every. single. day.

This is why I am no longer able to remember anything. My poor brain is racing just to keep up with life. I can not retain any new information.

Christy AKA Trippin' Mama said...

Jen, you're killing me here!

Victoria, I bow down to those of you who handle a classroom full of little people daily.

Suzy, that should be a quadruple yes from you!!!

Beth, at least we're in it together!

mediakath said...

Eeek...wears me out just reading it! But I think I'd love to trade spots with you for a day and let you hang out with my 85-yr old live-in in-laws who suffer from mild dementia and hearing loss...Dialogs are much less logical than the ones you've outlined! hahaha