Saturday, November 8, 2008

Eating Out, Eating In

Tonight Jeff and I had a date. As a birthday present from his mom we went out for a nice dinner while Grandma and Grandpa D. and Aunt Allie and Uncle Jacob held down the fort. At least they had enough people for man-to-man defense! It was nice to have a little quiet time to ourselves, though our conversation was punctuated by long pauses brought on by the lack of sleep.

So that's the eating out. What about the eating in, you ask? That's all about the triplets, and the subtitle to this post should be "ACK!" I had the boys on a perfectly reasonable three-hour schedule that was working for all of us, and today they flipped out on me.

This morning they woke up en masse and started bellering for food just two hours after the previous feeding. We'd barely gotten finished and cleaned up from the previous meal and they were acting like we hadn't fed them in days. Since they were all awake, we fed them. And then fed them again two and a half hours later. Then they managed three hours before demanding to be fed every two hours for the next two feedings. ACK!

Our round-the-clock help is about to leave. Now is not the time for these babies to need to be fed every two hours. I'm sure it's a growth spurt, and that's a good thing, but on a two-hour feeding schedule, we will do nothing but feed! I sure hope this is short-lived.

In other triplet news, I packed away the last preemie outfit today. Everyone is in newborn sizes now, just one month after birth, and a week after their due date.


susie said...

Have you become coffee drinkers yet? :)

Donna said...

Jeff and Christy,
All I've, well....HANG IN THERE!! This too shall pass:) Praying for more sleep for all of you very soon! HUGS!!

Christy said...

Susie, I'm thinking about skipping the drinking of the coffee and just mainlining the caffeine instead. More efficient that way.

Donna, we are hanging in there. Thanks for the prayers. We're gonna need them when the helpers all leave!