Friday, November 21, 2008

Three on One

This week I've been mostly on my own with the boys, so I am perfecting my zone feeding technique. The hardest part is fitting in nursing at the same time I'm propping two other boys and trying to get everyone burped. If they will cooperate and let me start their feedings 10-15 minutes apart, that helps a lot. But sometimes, everyone is hungry all at once!

Yesterday I tandem nursed two of the babies for the first time. It went pretty well. It certainly went better than I ever hoped, considering the fact that I had to work pretty hard to teach each of them to nurse in the first place. Even now, they don't always cooperate with me, but if one won't cooperate, there's always another baby to try!

Right now the babies get breast milk for about half of their feedings. Some of the time they nurse, and the rest of the time they get a bottle of either breast milk or formula. Beside the fact that breast milk is the best food in the world for the babies, if you've purchased formula lately, you know it's well worth the time and effort to nurse and pump for the savings alone! We go through a $25 can of formula in about 4 days, and that's with me providing half the feedings in breast milk. We're investing the savings in their college fund. HA! Maybe once we're done buying diapers.


Karen said...

I thought I'd never get the hang of tandem nursing, but it gets easier as they become more confident at nursing. It also gets easier as they get bigger, but actually yours are much bigger than mine were by the time they got big enough to make it easier. (I think by the time mine got to be about 6 pounds or so it became much easier - when they were only 4ish pounds it was nearly impossible and I didn't even try when they were under that)

I actually have a picture of me nursing two while feeding Abby a bottle of breastmilk in the middle - I did that a lot on my days alone with them. :)

As for the formula, are you on Abbott's and Mead Johnson's programs for free formula? You should be. My triplets didn't get any formula until they were five months old and then only two of them got about 6-10 ounces per day at most, and even with that, it was RIDICULOUSLY expensive, so I highly recommend getting on the programs. (I was on Mead Johnson's program, but couldn't use the formula b/c they only send liquid concentrate, and it made my babies throw up - but I gave it to another triplet mama friend, so it didn't go to waste) Your pediatrician has to sign you up, but it's easy peasy. (you'll automatically get the first shipment, but you'll have to call for the next two shipments, just FYI... a lot of people don't realize that)

Carrie said...

Christy -- you're doing great! I'm impressed with how well you're organizing and with your dedication to nursing your boys. I hope I can follow in your footsteps.
Hope to get to see you soon,