Thursday, November 27, 2008


Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. It's all about family, friends and food. It's about gratitude for the things we have, not a materialistic rush to acquire more things we probably don't need in the first place. It's about appreciating the people who are part of our lives.

True to my German heritage and the genes that come from my Grandma White, I love to cook and feed people, so the food part is easy. Just remember to remove the giblets from the turkey and throw it in an oven bag for a while, mash a few potatoes and make a green bean casserole and you're all set.

I am particularly proud of the fact that I put Thanksgiving dinner on the table this year for the three of us who can eat solid foods. Despite the fact that I forgot to serve the stuffing I made last night (to get a jump on things), and I didn't make a dessert at all (maybe for Christmas?) it was a great meal.

I try to count my blessings daily, and not just once a year, but this Thanksgiving was extra special as we have three new blessings to be thankful for.

This year, I am especially thankful for:

Amelia, who is a ray of sunshine in my life, even when she's being an impossibly strong-willed two-year-old. You make me laugh every day.

Samuel, who melts my heart when he snuggles into my neck. You are already starting to show a temper that matches your red hair, but you can be the sweetest boy, too.

Isaac, who is the small but mighty one. You know how to charm us with your little coos, and you already claim the middle ground between Sam's temper and Alex's laid-back personality.

Alexander, who generally goes with the flow. You are most likely to put yourself to sleep without being rocked or held. But when you cry, it's with a bleat that demands attention. We love to kiss your pudgy cheeks.

Jeff, who is a great husband and father. You never wavered in your belief that the triplets would be fine despite the potential risks of the pregnancy. You never complained as you shouldered the burden of my diminishing physical ability. And now you are right there beside me, changing diapers, feeding babies, and meeting the challenges of a two-year-old. With you to look up to, our children will grow to be strong, faithful, and compassionate people.

Family, friends and neighbors, who have come to help out with everything from food and diaper coupons to handling feedings and cleaning my kitchen so we can get some sleep. We are truly humbled by all of the helping hands that have appeared in our lives. We are so glad you have chosen to be part of this adventure, and we appreciate all of you more than we can ever express.

I hope all of you are as blessed in your lives as we are. Happy Thanksgiving.

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