Monday, November 17, 2008

Girls Just Wanna Have Fu-un

Last night the sisters headed out for Mexican and a margarita, and left Daddy in charge with a babysitter to assist. As always, we enjoyed ourselves -- and the margaritas. It's amazing how restorative a little salt and lime can be. It was almost as good as the 8 hours of sleep a night (count them -- 8!) that I enjoyed Friday and Saturday while both Cathy and Judy were here.

As always, we annoyed yet another waiter by making him take a photo of us.

Judy, Christy and Cathy forgo sleep for margaritas and Mexican food.

The waiter asked if we were celebrating anything, and we told him I had 5-week-old triplets. I thought that might get me a free margarita or at least a lousy piece of chocolate cake, but no luck. Just polite conversation, I guess.

Or, it could be that he was afraid to return to the table after I fumbled around looking for a picture, completely forgetting about the digital camera we had just had him use to take our pic. When he walked by again we made him stop so we could show off the boys. I think that was about the end of his tolerance for us as we never saw him again! (Don't worry, Mom, we were well behaved, just a little loopy from lack of sleep.)

More pics of the aunties with their laps full of babies to come later.

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