Sunday, November 9, 2008

More Feeding Fun

The boys are still messing with my schedule, sometimes wanting to eat just 2 hours after they've been fed. At least they didn't wreak havoc with the night feedings. They kindly ate at 1:30 and 5:15, though Alex was up at 4:45 looking for food.

We've upped their bottles to 4 ounces, though they don't generally finish them. At least we know they have the opportunity to eat more, if that's the issue. And believe me, when they wake up demanding to be fed early, we do everything we can to get a full bottle in them. None of this dozing off after two ounces boys. Mama's not giving you snacks every two hours!

Fortunately, the boys are so gosh darn cute, we'll forgive them for messing with the schedule. As Uncle Jacob says, "I'm so tired, but I don't want to leave." Hear, hear!
Here are some pics of the boys with the stuffed giraffes that Grandpa D.'s secretary sent. The giraffes play a lullaby when you wind them up, and if you look at the ribbons you'll see they have the boys' names on them. Very cute!





Pam said...

I can tell that they are putting on weight. There is definitely a difference since I was there. The giraffes are really cute. The boys are as adorable as ever.

Aunt Sheryl said...

Isaac looks just like Marys' Luke in this picture!!

Christy said...

Isaac definitely has the most Steinman in him. I see shades of Max, Ian and Luke. That leads Jeff to say he thinks Isaac's going to be the instigator of the group. What? Just because he looks like a Steinman? Not my sweet little Isaac!

Amy & Dave said...

I don't know but being that he's the one with his eyes wide open in his picture and the others are innocently sleeping...
Your boys are very handsome and precious! We are so happy for you!

Tina Siefert said...

The feeding issues and wanting to eat every two hours, and being five weeks old? Two words for you: growth spurt. I bet they'll shoot up for you soon.