Thursday, November 18, 2010

Just Call Me "Coyote Christy"

The neighborhood association president sent out an email about the sick coyote and noted that, "Christy is taking care of it."

Thankfully he gave specifics about how I'm hiring Tim the Wildlife Guy, so my neighbors don't have to worry about me stomping around with my twelve gauge.

So now, muyc to my amusement, all the neighbors are calling me with their coyote sightings.

This afternoon Jane called me. She has a little spaniel that would make a nice hors' d ouvre for this coyote. Jane wanted to walk her dog, but the coyote was lying in her back yard. We're no wildlife experts, but we readily agreed that probably wasn't a good idea.

I talked with Tim the Wildlife Guy again to confirm he'd be coming out on Friday. I have to say, he sounds exactly like I expected (sterotypically, I admit) someone in his line of work to sound. I sure hope his appearance meets my expectations, too. Even though the coyote has mostly been sighted elsewhere in the neighborhood, I hold out this hope that Tim the Wildlife Guy will set up camp on my back deck with his shotgun long enough for me to get a picture for you guys.

The coyote saga continues. In the meantime, try not to look like prey.

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Suz said...

Hey, that's my line! LOL