Monday, November 8, 2010

A Return to Health...We Hope

It appears we have survived the puking, though I won't consider us out of the woods until the end of the week. It always seems that a virus that we should be done with, sneaks up back up on us. Remember the doctor's assurance that Sam and Alex weren't going to get the chicken pox because it had been almost two weeks since Isaac had them?

So, we'll hold our breath for a while. In the meantime, we're having some beautiful fall weather here, so the kids and I have been out enjoying it while we can. We spent the morning at the park and the afternoon in the yard. In between those two things the boys napped and I put on my grownup clothes and went downtown for a client meeting.

I sometimes have trouble shifting gears between the playroom and the meeting room, but I am enjoying the work immensely. And today was ideal -- I had lots of time to play with my kids and get some things done around the house, and the I did my work outside the house during their nap time. I got home just as they were waking up, so I didn't miss anything while I was gone. Except for the silence. The precious, precious silence. I compensated by driving with the radio off.

Tomorrow the boys have their two-year checkup, so we'll see how much everyone weighs. Isaac is still a lightweight compared to Sam and Alex, but everyone's getting tall fast. Our appointment is during the boys' usual lunch time, so I'll take lots of snacks with to stave off starvation. Although tonight they ate almost nothing for supper. Even Alex didn't really eat, which is unusual. I hope that's just a sign they are going to be typical toddlers who seem to be able to live on air for weeks on end, and not a sign that they are getting sick.

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