Thursday, November 4, 2010

Sisterly Love

A couple weeks ago my sister Mary sent me an email saying she had broken her ankle. She did it playing touch football with her boys. I think it was part FYI, part warning to me since I have boys, too.

As it turned out, she really did the job right and wound up having to have a plate and a bunch of pins put in. So she had to stay off her foot completely for a couple of weeks and just went back to work this week.

My mom told me that the docs had given Mary "some kind of wheeled contraption" to help her get around.

This image popped immediately into my head:

The next day I sent this picture to Mary in an email titled, "Thinking of you." Because that's just the kind of loving sister I am.

She thought it was pretty funny and sent me a picture of the real "contraption" she's using. It's called a knee walker if you want to look it up. But trust me, it's not nearly as much fun as the image I have provided!

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