Monday, November 1, 2010

Happy Halloween!

By the time we got our kiddos -- who were over-sugared for the second night in a row -- in bed last night, I was too tired to deal with photos and posting. But I know you've been waiting and waiting to see this year's costumes, so here's the gang:

Amelia the butterfly, Sam the caterpillar, Alex the bumblebee and Isaac the spider.

The costumes are a testament to all the blood, sweat and tears that both my mom and I put in on 10 years of 4-H sewing projects. While I never became an accomplished seamstress, I did learn a thing or two. The costumes would never hold up to a 4-H judging, since I took every shortcut in the book, but I thought they turned out pretty well. I probably invested about six hours and $30 in these, but I did have some elastic, fiberfill and pipe cleaners on hand already. And the pattern was a bargain at 99 cents.

While sewing was never my favorite 4-H project, I enjoyed the challenge of making these. It was nice to do something creative (read: not laundry, dishes, cooking or cleaning) for a change!

Isaac, Alex and Sam enjoy some of their Halloween candy.

Having practiced on Saturday night, the boys were ready for trick or treating on Halloween. After the first house they were chewing through the wrappers to get to the candy, so we gave in and opened a piece for each of them.

The menagerie: Bee, princess(?), caterpillar and spider.

"Wait a minute! Who's the princess in the wagon in that photo?" I hear you asking.

That would be Amelia. She's been asking for a Belle dress and I told her I'd try to buy one after Halloween when the costumes went on sale. Well, Sunday I found one that was only $6, so I bought it. Then I made the mistake of letting her see it before we went trick or treating, and she immediately wanted to go as Belle.

What the heck. She's only four once, right? I made her a deal. She could go as Belle as long as she put on her butterfly costume for a group photo first. She was happy to oblige.

Sam, Alex and the princess.


The quote of the evening came from Alex, who climbed into the wagon after the first stop and said, "'Nother house, Daddy."

What can we say? The boy likes his food and thinks this is the greatest holiday ever. At least until we celebrate Thanksgiving.

Hope you had a happy Halloween, too. And if your kids went trick or treating, don't forget about the Parent Tax. It entitles you to a percentage of your kids' haul for your efforts in helping them with costumes and taking them door to door.

I think I'll go enjoy a little of my percentage right now.

© Trippin' Mama 2010


Pam said...

You did a great job. They are so adorable.

Rachel and Clint said...

you. are. amazing.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) love the costumes and photos!!

Christy AKA Trippin' Mama said...

Pam, I miss you!

Rachel, you. are. too kind!!! Hope you had fun with your three peas in a pod!

Dighti said...

My parents called it a parental tithe. Mom got all butterfingers. Dad got all milk duds (and all the things that my siblings and i didn't like). Since we didn't get candy otherwise during the year, it wasn't until I was at college that I tried a Butterfingers or Milk Duds.