Monday, March 14, 2011

Amelia's Hairy Experience

Just after lunch today Amelia, Sam, Isaac and Alex went to the basement to play. About five minutes later Amelia came up the stairs and very calmly said, "Mom, I need a little help here."

A little help?

She had one of the remote control cars stuck to her head!

I had partially untangled the hair here. When Amelia first came upstairs the car was so tangled it was up by her ear.
Since she wasn't upset, I started laughing and tried to untangle her hair from the car axle. About that time one of the boys came to tell me he had to poop, and well, that takes precedence in our house. So I sat Amelia at the table and took care of potty duty. When I came back I got out out the camera.

Amelia tried to explain what happened:

In the end, I had to get out a screwdriver and take the car apart to "unget" the hair.

I could have just cut the last little bit of hair, but then I would have had to give her a haircut, and my hands aren't very steady when I'm laughing.
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