Tuesday, March 1, 2011

It Was a Rookie Mom Moment

Today I was driving home with all of the boys in the van when a child, who shall remain nameless to protect him from future embarrassment, announced with great delight, "Look Mommy! I found another booger!"

I immediately gave the standard mom reply, "We don't pick our noses. If you have something in your nose you need to blow it."

Rookie mistake.

Next thing I knew all three boys were following my instructions and blowing their noses quite effectively. Without tissues. Straight down their fronts onto their coats.

All I could do was laugh while trying not to laugh. After all, they had listened and done exactly what I told them to.

I quickly handed back tissues, which they merrily shredded while giggling and proudly patting what they had blown out of their noses.

Luckily we were just a couple minutes from home so the damage was minimal. As soon as we pulled into the drive all three noses and six hands were wiped and all three coats went immediately into the washing machine.

Later when Jeff texted me to see how the day was going I replied, "I inadvertently taught all of the boys the farmer blow today."

Can you believe he didn't even respond to that? How could you not?

Must be a sign that crazy is the norm around here.

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