Thursday, June 2, 2011

A Bedtime Conversation

One of the pluses of having to police bedtime for the boys is getting to hear their conversations with each other. This is what took place the other night when I was sitting quietly in the rocking chair to make sure they stayed in bed.

Alex: Tomorrow we'll get to go to another crade.

Isaac: Not "crade." Pah-rade. Say pah-rade.

Alex: (Very mater of factly) Crade.

Isaac: NO! PAH-rade. Say PAH-rade.

Alex: I said "crade."

Isaac: (Yelling impatiently) NOT CRADE! PAH-RADE!

I guess we know who isn't going to be the teacher around here!

The conversation continued.

Isaac: I like the race car dribers.

Alex: Yeah! We could dribe race cars.

Sam: Yeah! And we could be a marching band.

Alex: Yeah! I lub marching bands.

Then after a long pause, Isaac piped up: "I want to stand on a motorcycle."

I don't know what was said after that. I was too busy saying another "Hail Mary" to listen.

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Aunt Mary said...

Wow Isaac, aka Josh, is a little impatient with his brother! Just you wait! I am only a phone call away- I have no advice, I am still trying to figure mine out (Josh) but I can listen! :o)